Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Inner City Summer

Here's a compilation of lesser known summery jazz fusion tunes all taken from the U.S. Inner City label and are of a late seventies vintage. I did this one for personal consumption but thought you might enjoy it, so here it is with suitable cover art.

If there are enough takers, I'll post the second volume at a later date.

1) Sam Morrison - Song Of Landa
2) Arn Evans + Tradewinds - Song For The Changing Seasons
3) Jeff Lorber Fusion - Chinese Medicinal Herbs
4) Listen Featuring Mel Martin - Growing
5) Dry Jack - Heads In The Cloud
6) Solar Plexus - The Darwin Dilemma
7) Bert Ligon - River Journey
8) Didier Lockwood - Aspiring Answer
9) Cybill Shepherd - Triste
10) Kellis Ethridge - Pensacola Joy
11) Arni Egilsson - Hot Air On A G String


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