Friday, November 23, 2007

Curt Cress Clan

Curt Cress Clan Atlantic ATL-50079 (1975)

So sorry for the lack of updates, I've been unwell and recovery has been slow. There's much I'd like to post in the forthcoming weeks (work & health permitting) so stay tuned.

Anyhow, time to get back into the swing of things with Curt Cress' funky debut LP.

Along with Udo Lindenberg, Mani Neumeier, Harald Grosskopf and Carsten Bohn, Curt Cress belongs to the most famous group of German drummers. He started his recording career at the age of 17 in the progressive rock group Orange Peel. Later he worked mainly with jazz-rock in groups like Passport, Atlantis and Emergency.

After four successful years, he left Doldinger's Passport in 1977 to form Snowball. In between, he had recorded this, his first solo album Curt Cress Clan with Volker Kriegel (guitar), Kristian Schultze (keyboards), Dave King (bass) and Ack van Rooyen (fluegelhorn). Nice line-up and the music doesn't disappoint - much sought after by beat diggers and Kraut Rock fans alike.

1) Cyclone
2) From The Back
3) Fields
4) Shuffle On Out
5) Delphine
6) 451271
7) No Answer
8) Moving Right Along
9) Funk Off

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Natural Sources

Ronald Snijders - Natural Sources Private Pressing 6812 245 (Holl) (1977)

Ronald Snijders is considered to be the most swinging flutist in the Netherlands (Jazz magazine Jazz nu), and the inventor of African Surinam kawinajazz. He was born in Paramaribo, Suriname in 1951 and started to play the flute at the age of seven, influenced by his professionally flute playing father. In his youth he also practised guitar, sax, some piano and percussion, playing popular music, classical music, Brazilian music plus jazz.

In september of 1970 he settled in Delft, the Netherlands to study civil engineering, but about five years later he was a professional selftaught musician. Among his awards shines the Press prize at the prestigious NOS jazzconcours of 1973 in Laren, won with a flute solo. The legendary bandleader Boy Edgar who was presiding the jury said: Ronald Snijders has extreme skill and creativity. Jazz pianist Chick Corea wrote of him in 1976: You're a great flutist and an excellent composer…I'm sure people here in the United states will like your music a lot. And as jazz journalist Rudy Koopmans put it some years later: the most brillant fluteplayer in the field of improvised music in the Netherlands (Volkskrant).

Ronald Snijders produced and released twenty albums with innovative compositions of his own, varying in style from North American jazz and fusion to new African Caribbean jazz (among which Surinam kasekojazz and kawinajazz), Brazilian grooves and other worldjazz. Furthermore he played on albums of the Dutch Willem Breuker collective (in which he worked between 1974 and 1976), the partly Surinam Fra Fra big band and the Moroccan Weshm.

This, his debut release on his own Black Straight Music label, is a true collectors item. Not only does he play every instrument on the album, he is composer, producer and album art designer! Smooth, dense and spacey funky jazz with an exotic Brasilian-tinged flavour is order of the day. The man ticks every box here...enjoy!

1) Skin Source
2) Seven Wings
3) Galibi
4) Exchanged
5) Dagoe Sji Jorka
6) Busy Street
7) Todo Bere
8) Roseille
9) Temple Of Faith
10) Brazilian Blue

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Nelsinho e Sua Orquestra - Explosivo London LLB-1060 (1970)

An ultra-hip and incendiary big band bossa and samba blast courtesy Maestro and trombonista Nelsinho with suitably exploded cover art!

Lots of groovy uptempo and well selected tracks makes this a very solid listen. Dance orientated beats with punchy horns and slick rhythm guitar in the mix, punctuated by vocals on some tracks. Light the fuse, stand well back and enjoy...

1) Fumace
2) Essa Moça Tá Diferente
3) Coqueiro Verde
4) Samba Sem Viola
5) Um Samba Só Não Dá
6) Pigmalião
7) Fotograma
8) Aqui É O País Do Futebol
9) Se Voce Quiser Mas Sem Bronquear
10) Morte Do Amor
11) Comunicação
12) Vou Deitar E Rolar

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Melvyn Price

Melvyn Price - Rhythm and Blues Mel-Dor PR-1003 Sweden (1974)

"Melvyn Price? Sounds familiar but I can't quite place him". Not surprising really as Detroit born Price is virtually unknown outside of Sweden where he made his home in the late sixties.

His debut LP release in 1970 entitled "Jazzbalettrytmer" or Jazz Ballet Rhythms was pressed on his own private label "Price" after requests from Jazz Ballet students. However this album, his third, a totally obscure Swedish only release is his finest effort. A percussive and funky jazz belter!

Joining Price on congos and bongos is an all Swedish rhythm section and includes Björn Alke & Guy Roellinger on bass, Björn Wolff on piano, Fredrik Norén & Gunnar Nyberg on drums, Ed Epstein on tenor sax and Jon Dill & Luis Agudo helping out on persussion. Melvyn Price can also be heard (obviously) on trombone.

I think you'll like this one, let me know what you think...

1) Voodoo Love Dance
2) Toward Brazil
3) Behind Kungsträdgården
4) Happiness Is...
5) Five O'Clock Traffic
6) Last Train

Now available at Wax Poetics Digital

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Brazilian Suite

Rogerio Duprat - The Brazilian Suite KPM-1071 (1970)

"A modern theme suite written in filmic style by the highly acclaimed Brazilian composer Rogerio Duprat".

Mainly notable for forging the Tropicalia movement and his associations with Caetano Veloso, Gilbert Gil, Tom Zé, Gal Costa, Nara Leão and Os Mutantes. Rogerio Duprat was to abandon the commercial market following problems with deafness caused by interminable hours of studio time, and began to dedicate himself to the production of library music.

This early example for the legendary London based KPM library was never to be bettered in my opinion. A melting-pot of percussive and funky rhythms and moods, imagine a movie score to a spy flick set in Rio that never was - and you'll have some idea.

1) Theme Montage
2) Setting The Scene
3) Spotlight
4) Commerce In Rhythm
5) Percussion Highway
6) Tropical Green
7) Meeting In Brazilia
8) Rio Back Street
9) Flute Formula
10) Skilful Manoeuvre

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hora Time

Rildo Hora - A Vez e A Hora De Rildo Hora RCA Victor SBB-0435 (1971)

If you find Brasilian choro and frevo a little too ethnic or hardcore for your tastes, may I suggest this small offering as a way in. Samba legend Rildo Hora constructs this perfectly realised album of styles that for me encapsulates the sound of Brazil. The sound may derive from homegrown and regional musical styles but in Rildo's hands we have something greater than the sum of its parts. Be sure, this album rocks.

Virtuoso harmonica player, guitarist and composer Hora lets loose a cracking batch of party driven tunes - groovy and danceable, vocally stirring and percussively infectious, a real winner and a musical education.

1) Leonor
2) Panorama, Segundo Rodrigo
3) Assim Na Terra Como No Céu
4) O Pião
5) O Empanador
6) O Saci-Pererê
7) A Canoa
8) Tantas Ruas Namorei
9) Canção Que Nasceu Do Amor
10) Ciranda, Terezinha E Passaraio
11) O Contador De Estórias
12) Chorar Pra Quê

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tokyo Union's Scandinavian Suite

Tatsuya Takahashi & The Tokyo Union - Scandinavian Suite TBM-1005 (Jpn) (1977)

Big band pyrotechnics by the 20-piece Tokyo Union. This is no sleepy Scandinavian voyage, more a groovy collection of orchestra and electronics in the shape of six varied stormers written by legendary Japanese bandsman Bingo Miki and perhaps a little more accessable and funky then some of the big band outings released under his own name around the same period.

Familiar orchestral colours are melded with more progressive and funky arrangements and styles of the period culminating with the monstrous cop-show theme sounding "Children At Play". A surprising and original jazz album that's a pleasure from start to finish.

Yoshifumi Tada, Hiroshi Abiko, Motoharu Suzuki & Tomokazu Saio - trumpets
Eijiro Miyazaki, Kiyotaka Uchida & Koichi Okada - trombones
Kenichi Sudare - bass trombone
Keiji Hori & Hiroshi Yaginuma - alto saxes
Seiji Inoue - tenor sax
Takemi Ishikane - baritone sax
Masahiro Kanayama - piano
Yoshinori Ishida - bass
Kazuhiro Ebisawa - drums
Kenichi Araya & Takao Naoi - guitars
Yuji Imamura - percussion
Mickey Yoshino - synthesizer
Tatsuya Takahashi - leader & tenor sax

Part I Midnight Sunrise
Part II Sketches Of Munch
Part III The Legend Of Garbo
Part IV Anderson Fantasia
Part V Sibelius' Testament
Part VI Children At Play

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

London All Stars

Le London All Star - British Percussion Barclay BB-86 (1965)

It's always nice to share a rare record but what about an album that many cite as not existing at all!

Picture the scene, February 1965 and Eddie Barclay, the millionaire playboy owner of Eddy Mitchell's label, the eponimous French Barclay asked Bob Graham, the most prolific and often uncredited session drummer to emerge from the UK pop scene, to produce an album for the French market. Credited to Le London All Star, "British Percussion", released in September 1965, was a stereo showcase, and featured a stunning array of British musicians.

The higher calibre of studios and musicianship in London attracted many acts from abroad. The French pop star Eddy Mitchell was a regular visitor, recording at least eight EPs in London. For Mitchell's releases the session men were dubbed "The London All Stars". Graham recalls: "Charlie Katz rang - 'please be at Pye records, don't ask who the artist is'. I plodded along there, said to (engineer) Bob Auger 'who is it tonight?' - 'Eddy Mitchell', 'who the hell is Eddy Mitchell?". Every record on the Barclay label credited to The London All Stars features Graham, Jimmy Page and Big Jim Sullivan. Other French acts like Francoise Hardy, Michel Polnareff, Eric Saint-Laurent and Sylvie Vartan would also record in London.

Graham used his session colleagues - guitarist John McLaughlin, bassist Alan Weighell, drummers Andy White and Ronnie Verrall. Jimmy Page's contribution was significant. He played lead on every track and co-wrote three with Graham. Before the album's release, Barclay offered Graham a job. "I was taken on as the head of Barclay Records UK. I didn't speak much French, I had an interpreter with me all the time. My job was to produce English artists for the French market. When I joined Barclay I began to stop playing, I just got so tired from the work load. I was tired of playing music I didn't like. Clem Cattini took on a lot of the drumming when I moved from session work".

Finding English language acts for the French market was a somewhat random process. "We put ads in the trade papers - 'artists wanted for auditions'. I produced the In-Betweens (the precursors of Slade) for Barclay at Pye Number 2. I also produced an EP from the singer from Billy Gray and the Stormers, he was called Le Frizzy One. That was Carter, Lewis and Jimmy Page". Ultimately, the French didn't take to the British acts: "You could not get anything English off the ground in France. I got pretty fed up flying backwards and forwards twice a week and I decided to call it a day with Barclay".

But what of the music I hear you ask. Well, it's a joy from start to finish. A bombastic blend of mod groovers that's hard to match - a supreme and swinging blend of jazz and R 'n' B. Banks of trumpets, trombones and french horns blare to the incessant "Mohawk" meanderings of Kenny Salmon's organ. Not only do we have Led Zep's Page on lead but an early outing for John McLaughlin on rhythm guitar makes this an important date. Mr.Page himself once stated,”No such record was made”, and numerous other collectors have also declared this record as myth.

Recorded in Pye Studios, London in a single session - this is history in the making. Their version of 'Image' is perhaps the finest I've ever heard. The real sound of "Swingin' London".

1) Stop The Drums
2) Mexican Shuffle
3) Coming Home Babe
4) Drum Stomp
5) Watermelon Man
6) More (Theme from Mondo Cane)
7) Beefeater
8) Image
9) Night Train
10) Spanish Armada
11) Lord Byron Blues
12) Salvation

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Waltel Branco

Waltel Branco - Assim Na Terra Como No Céu Fermata FB-298 (1970)

Here's an oddity perhaps someone can throw a little light on. Massively groovy soundtrack work by Waltel Branco from TV novelas made in 1970. The bulk is lifted off the classic 'Assim Na Terra Como No Céu' however it features titles that were not on the original soundtrack release.

All tunes are penned by Branco but musicians include Roberto Menescal, Jose Roberto (Azymuth), Umas & Outras and the enigmatic Orquesta CBD amongst others. Very funky in places with many tracks infused with the progressive and complicated arrangements of turn-of-the-decade Brasil. Essential...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Carlos Piper Spectacular!

Carlos Piper Orquestra - O Som Espetacular Da... Continental PPL-12.196 (1965)

A huge barnstorming orchestral affair courtesy the enigmatic trumpeter and bandleader Carlos Piper. If you're a fan of in-your-face big band blow-outs then this is for you. A great selection of Brasilian, international and movie hits of the day given the 'off the scale' Piper treatment. Who's heard a better Hava Nagila than this - one to drop at a flagging Barmitzvah.

1) Nana
2) Balanço Zona Sul
3) Bye Bye Love
4) A Hard Days Night
5) Hava Nagila
6) 55 Days At Peking
7) Pink Panther Theme
8) From Russia With Love
9) Consolação
10) Aurora
11) Perdido
12) Like Someone In Love

Friday, May 18, 2007


Arnaud Rodrigues - Tilim Copacabana CLP-11621 Soundtrack (1970)

I had planned to post this next week - but what the hell! There's no time like the present.

A rare score to a bittersweet black and white Brasilian telenovela about a pitiful young orphan boy, written by Dulce Santucci and directed by Wanda Kosmo - I bet you're excited now!

But wait, this is a lovely soundtrack full of wonderful surprises. Who can resist the dreamy groove of "Lot" or the funky "Victor Tema". Arnaud Rodrigues produces, performs and co-writes some of the tracks along with Adylson Godoy, Eduardo Gudin and Mario Albanese - there's even a couple of tunes penned by Toots Thielemans and Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb. Add the production talents of Jose Briamonte, Cyro Pereira and Luiz Chaves to the proceedings and you have something very special indeed.

1) Tilim
2) Lot
3) Ruas
4) Imaginação
5) Lady Fingers
6) Seven Seas Symphony
7) Mamãe Adriana
8) Tema De Victor
9) Brincando De Brincar
10) Cris e Raul
11) Tema De Anita
12) Eu, Tilim

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bossa Brass

Bossa Brass - Apresenta A Música Maravilhosa De Antonio Carlos Jobim Plaza PZ-13002 (196x)

I don't know a great deal about this set up but it's a fun ride while it lasts. A catchy, jaunty hommage to Jobim with a veritable cornucopia of stellar artists participating.

Recorded at Estudio CBS e Rio Som, produced and directed by Henrique Gandelman and arranged by Clelio Ribeiro. The band features no less than Waltel Branco & Waldir Marinho on bass, Geraldo Vespar on guitar & Gilson Mello on rhythm, "Fats" Elpidio on piano, Waldemar Moura on trombone, Clelio Ribeiro and Jose Barretto on trumpets amongst others...

1) Vivo Sonhando
2) Agua de Beber
3) Garota de Ipanema
4) Desafinado
5) Insensatez
6) Só Tinha de Ser Com Você
7) Corcovado
8) Meditação
9) Samba de Uma Nota Só
10) O Morro Não Tem Vez
11) Só Danço Samba
12) Inútil Paisagem

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Rino De Filippi

Rino De Filippi - Riflessi Edi-Pan MPS-3017 (1975)

A slick, stand-out Italian library LP for your delectation. I'm a little pressed right now so I'll let the tunes speak for themselves - this one's choc-a-block full of summery, keyboard-laden moods and grooves.

1) Riflessivita
2) Iconoteca
3) Club
4) Viaggio Del Mondo
5) Ultime Luci
6) Collettivita
7) Laguna Borroca
8) Galleria Borroca
9) Burlesco
10) Momento Spensierato

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Solar Visions

Larry Bright - Solar Visions Crosswind CWR-301 (1978)

Larry Bright's brilliant fusion drumming has earned him a place as one of the hottest jazz performers around, he now coaches drummers and has become somewhat of a celebrity recently with the release of a video drumming tutorial. His advanced rhythm patterns and explosive style have gained him acclaim as the preferred drummer for progressive jazz artists worldwide.

Larry has played with many leading musicians including Sun Ra, Carl Filipiak, Curtis Mayfield, John Lee Hooker and Ben E. King, to name a few.

He made a couple of albums, but most notably this effort is a stunning underground classic. Awe inspiring spiritual jazz coupled with smooth and complex fusion rhythms, dancefloor-friendly in places but super cool throughout - a real favorite of mine.

This cosmic funky fusion masterpiece was released on the tiny Pennsylvania independant Crosswind Records and has almost vanished into obscurity - typical!

1) Aura Part II
2) What About Me
3) The Big Apple
4) Aura Part I
5) Midnight Magic
6) Tomorrow's End
7) Solar Visions
8) Beauty And Grace

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Steve Kuhn

Steve Kuhn - Live In New York Cobblestone CST-9020 (1972)

Brooklyn-born Steve Kuhn was fascinated with jazz very early in his life. He began classical piano lessons at age five and soon began to "improvise and syncopate the classical repertoire."

In his early teens, Kuhn studied with legendary teacher Margaret Chaloff who schooled him in the "Russian Technique", an invaluable tool for tone production and projection. Chaloff's son, Serge, baritone saxophonist for Woody Herman, hired the 13 year-old pianist to play in his group. Throughout his teens Kuhn continued to play in Boston jazz clubs with visiting celebrities; Coleman Hawkins, Chet Baker and Vic Dickenson.

After graduation from Harvard College, Kuhn attended the Lenox School of Music where he met and played in a group with fellow-students Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry. The faculty included Bill Evans, George Russell, and Gunther Schuller. While at Lenox, Kuhn met trumpeter Kenny Dorham and began a two-year stint, interrupted when Kuhn was asked to join John Coltrane's newly-formed quartet.

Kuhn next joined Stan Getz's band, which included bassist Scott LaFaro. After a year with Art Farmer, he formed the first Steve Kuhn Trio, with drummer Pete LaRoca and bassist Steve Swallow. At the end of the 1960's he spent four years living in Europe, where his performances had a significant impact upon local players. Upon returning to the United States, Kuhn began his long-term affiliation with ECM, resulting in a string of important albums including Trance, Ecstasy, Non-Fiction and the collaborations with Sheila Jordan; Playground and Last Year's Waltz.

This may well be my favorite Steve Kuhn LP, a seldom documented but brilliant live performance that features the compulsive groover "Gloria's Theme", if you're not familiar with it then I envy your first listen.

Our leader's piano & electric piano are joined on this set by George Mraz on bass, Sue Evans on percussion and a stellar performance by Bruce Ditmas on drums.

1) Gloria's Theme
2) The Child Is Gone
3) The Real Guitarist In The House
4) The Saga Of Harrison Crabfeathers (aka Poem For No. 15)
5) Chicken Feathers
6) Ida Lupino
7) Raindrops, Raindrops
8) Thoughts Of A Gentleman

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Guilherme Coutinho

Guilherme Coutinho e Seu Conjunto - Procura-Se Chantecler CMGS-9040 (1971)

Here's another genre blurring recording courtesy organist Guilherme Coutinho. A mammoth melange of groovy, funky club tunes just ripe for dancing. Infectious samba flavoured afro-latin cuts give way to funky breakbeats and easy jazzy ballads, all in all a little known and catchy tour de force. Miss this one at your peril...

Joining Guilherme on piano & organ are Fernando on drums & percussion, Tangerina on bass and the soulful vocals of José Carlos and Walter Bandeira.

1) Saravá Babalorixá
2) Faléncia
3) Tributo A Mim Mesmo
4) Adios, Guadalajara
5) Vai Lá
6) Crepúsculo
7) Papa Jimmy
8) Vira Bróto
9) Trepadeira
10) Bar Do Parque
11) Baby
12) Belo Kid

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mike Nock Underground

Mike Nock Underground - Between Or Beyond MPS/BASF CRM 722 (1970)

Mike Nock has long been one of the top modern jazz keyboardists to emerge from New Zealand. He began taking piano lessons from his father when he was 11 and began gigging four years later and at 18 moved to Australia. After heading a trio that toured England in 1961, Nock went to the U.S. to attend the Berklee College of Music. After a year he dropped out of school to be the house pianist at a Boston club and had opportunities to work with Coleman Hawkins, Pee Wee Russell, Phil Woods and Sam Rivers among many others. Nock gained some recognition during this period as a member of Yusef Lateef's band (1963-65). He led his own combos, gigged for a short period with the Jazz Messengers and eventually moved to San Francisco where he worked with John Handy.

During 1968-70 Nock was involved with fusion, leading the seminal jazz-rock group The Fourth Way. After a few years he became a studio musician in New York (1975-85) and then returned to Australia where he has been busy as both an educator (teaching at the N.S.W. Conservatorium of Music) and as a musician, occasionally revisiting the U.S. As a leader, Nock recorded as early as 1960 (Move which was recorded in Australia) and has made records for Capitol (with the Fourth Way), MPS & Improvising Artists (in a band called Almanac).

This album, recorded in the legendary MPS Studio Villingen features Mike Nock on piano & electric piano, Ron McClure on electric bass and Eddie Marshall on drums in a funky, spacey, modal jazz groove. One of the toughest to find from the Saba/MPS/BASF stable.

1) Outfall
2) The Squire
3) Hobgoblin
4) Between Or Beyond
5) Space Bugaloo
6) Lady Love
7) Wax Planet
8) Denim Dance

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Peru's Bossa 70

Bossa 70 - Bossa 70 Philips 6350-003 (Peru) (1970)

Bossa 70 was the brainchild of Nilo Espinoza, a Peruvian musician with a Brazilian heart. Nilo, a classically trained musician, was the top flute player in Peru in 1960. In 1961 he was honored with a scholarship to Austria to study advance classes of his instrument as well as other kinds of wind instruments. He lived in Europe for five years. It was during that time that he developed a profound attraction for all forms of the jazz language.

When he returned to Peru, in 1966, Nilo approached the best musicians he could find to form a group to play jazz and Bossa-nova, the new music craze from Brazil. Very soon they found out there were not too many followers for their preferred musical styles. The group decided to play popular dance music on a part time basis so everyone in the band could make a living. They named the group Los Hilton's, because they got a gig as the house band in the best International Hotel in Lima, Peru, called "Hilton".

They had several singers during the time they played at the Hilton. This was their major weakness, since it was hard to find a singer that could feel comfortable singing jazz and Bossa-nova as well as popular music. In 1967 they recorded an long-play under the name Los Hilton's, which became extremely rare, since the Peruvian record label printed only 200 copies. The tracks on the album are a compilation of original compositions with some popular songs, played in The Hilton' s style.

In 1968 the group got busy giving concerts of jazz and Bossa nova. They decided to change their name to Bossa 70, to reflect the musical style they were going to offer, specially after their main singer was replaced by Carmen Rosa Basurco. Carmen Rosa was a beautiful black woman that could sing in English, Portuguese and Spanish, and also had an electrifying personality with good control of audiences. As a means to promote their new name the group recorded a mini-lp with four fantastic songs. 100 copies were pressed and giving as a prize during the concerts and to personal friends and family.

In 1970, to commemorate the anniversary of the band, they recorded a long-play for Phillips, represented by El Virrey in Peru. The label pressed 300 copies that were sold quickly. In 1972 the members followed their own musical paths, Enrique "Pico" Ego Aguirre, leader of Los Shain' s went on to form the band Pax. Otto De Rojas played keyboards on the Traffic Sound "Tibbet's Suzetts" album & finally Nilo Espinoza formed Nil's Jazz Ensemble who went on to record the only great jazz funk lp from Peru (MAG-LPN 2535).

Nilo Espinoza: Sax, Flute & Vocals
Enrique Sescun: Trumpet,Trombone & Vocals
Carmen Rosa Basurco: First Female
Otto De Rojas: Progressive Keyboard & Chorus
Roberto Rafaeli: Bass & Chorus
Tito Cruz: Drums & Percussion
Enrique "Pico" Ego Aguirre: First Electric Guitar & Rhythm Guitar
Manuel Marañon: Percussion
Adolfo Bonariva: Timbales & Cowbell

1) Nubes
2) Get Out Of My Way
3) Te Quiero Bien
4) Think
5) Nunca Te Olvidare
6) No Sabes Nada De Mi
7) Me Quedo Con El Shingaling
8) Otra Vez
9) Birimbao
10) Cuelgalo Bien Alto

Monday, February 26, 2007

African Voodoo

Manu Dibango - African Voodoo PSI PSI-3036 (1972)

It is almost impossible to find a fitting description for a musician such as Manu Dibango who has made such an enormous contribution to African music as a whole. He is a saxophonist, nicknamed 'The lion of Cameroon'.

Originally trained in classical piano, his musical career began in Brussels and Paris in the 1950s. 1960 finds him in Congo as a member of African Jazz led by Joseph Kabasele (Le Grand Kalle)! He formed his own band in Cameroon in 1963, moving to Paris in 1965. His international breakthrough came in 1972 with Soul Makossa.

Manu Dibango is extraordinarily versatile, having played almost every style of music you care to mention: soul, reggae, jazz, blues and even this rare French library album on PSI. Forget what you know about the man for this one, considered by some as not only one of his finest albums but one of the strongest unreleased library LPs ever recorded. There's real strength in depth with many stand out tracks blurring the boundaries between Afro-Latin jazz, funk and fusion - a wonderful eclectic listen from start to finish.

1) Groovy Flute
2) Soul Saxes Meeting
3) African Pop Session
4) Walking To Waza
5) Out Of Score
6) Ba-Kuba
7) Zoom 2000
8) Aphrodite Shake
9) Wilderness
10) Jungle Riders
11) Iron Wood
12) Coconut

Monday, February 12, 2007

Central Do Brasil

Ronie & Central Do Brasil -S/T Tapecar LP-X.27 1975

Ronie Mesquita is most known for his stint as the replacement drummer of Bossa Tres, the group led by the great Luis Carlos Vinhas. Tempted by the lures of the bossa nova boom in America, and partly to escape the newly installed, US funded military regime, he along with many of his contemporaries went abroad to ply their trade. Playing in groups such as Gemini 5 & Bossa Rio (Sergio Mendes' b-group), he toured religiously covering the US, Mexico and Japan.

Returning home in the early 70's, he was at a crossroad. The demand for trios were at an all time low, safe dinner music was out. The underground was bubbling, with Tropicalia amongst the hottest of topics with his fellow musicians. The extensive travel partaken by said musicians had opened their eyes to many genres of music, and in turn seeped into their creative output.

Feeling ready to step out from the shadows of a decade long sideman, he returned home to assemble a crew of rotating musicans called Central Do Brasil. This lp being the 2nd release of his frontman career after the immortal "Bresil 72" of the the same year. It has elements of his samba jazz drumming roots, but peppered with a contemporary hint of soul with vocal arrangements by Octavio & Sonia Burnier of Burnier & Cartier fame.

Featuring: Ronie Mesquita (drums/percussion); Jorjão (electric piano); Decio Cardoso (bass);Zé Carlos (flute,tenor sax); Octavio Burnier (guitar); Jayme Luiz, Loawa Braz (vocals); Sonia Burnier, Raymundo Bittencourt (chorus); Chacau (Percussion)

1) Remelexo
2) Atoa, Atoa
3) Albatroz
4) Você Não Ser
5) Falsa Baiana
6) Visgo De Jaca
7) Somente O Samba
8) Madeira De Lei
9) Deus Te Acompanhe
10) Essa Maré

Monday, February 5, 2007

Big Parada

Formiga e Sua Orquestra - Big Parada Elenco ME-59 (1970)

Lots of cool Brasilian funkiness courtesy the legendary trombonista Formiga. One of the harder Elenco pressings to find, this LP features covers of the day done to a backdrop of blaring horns, organ, electric guitar and fat drums. Enjoy...

1) Pout-Pourri: I'm A Man - Looky, Looky
2) Teletema
3) Spinning Wheel
4) Chi Non Lavora Non Fa l'Amore
5) Pout-Pourri: Superstar - I've Been Hurt - My Pledge Of Love
6) Pout-Pourri: Smile A Little Smile For Me - Yester-Me Yester-You Yesterday - Everybody's Takin'
7) Hey Jude
8) Midnight Cowboy
9) Sugar Sugar
10) Pout-Pourri: Maquiagem - Take It Easy My Brother Charles - Pena Verde - Cara A Cara

Monday, January 29, 2007

O Grupo

O Grupo - O Grupo Odeon MOFB-3533 (1968)

Here's the rare debut album by O Grupo featuring a young Jayme Além of 'Jayme & Nair' fame. Truly gorgeous harmonising by this vocal quartet and a beautiful listen all the way through.

Stellar production talent in the form of Antonio Adolfo, Nelsinho & Ugo Marotta lend this recording some real class.

1) Alegria De Carnaval
2) Januaria
3) Passa Por Mim
4) Pelas Ruas Do Recife
5) Rosa Branca
6) O Bonde
7) Sa Marina
8) Eu E A Brisa
9) Morrer De Amor
10) Travessia
11) Diane
12) Maria, Carnaval E Cinzas

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

OK - until further notice I'm ditching the radio folks!

A more user friendly version is in the pipeline & will be incorporated into the new site at some point in the near future.

McGill Clan

McGill Clan - McGill Clan Orfeo 90526 (Uruguay) (1969)

No! Not some kilted Highland bagpipe troop but the exotic, psychedelic, Uruguayan jazz combo. This great LP is stuffed with fresh sounding cover versions and original arrangements, featurings the most obscure, groovy (and funky!) cover version of I'M A MAN (aka SOY UN HOMBRE). This particular psychedelic hammond version is propelled by funky bongos bashing away in the background with a lightly twisted, latin arrangement!

Lots of funky hammond and drums, acid guitar licks and fender bass riffs and superb groovy jazz with breakbeat drumming in the shape of DAYDREAM. The wicked fender basslines of AQUARIUS / LET THE SUNSHINE IN mashed together with lots of tempo changes, breakdowns and moody, funky rhythms. Groovy jazz instrumental PALMITOS CON SALSA GOLF (ultra-catchy psych organ, jazzy horns, funky drums, guitar, piano and bongos!) and the jazzy psycho-beat sounds of PROVISORIO SOUL. Oh, and they do a jazzed-up, groovy Mod sounding version of UP, UP AND AWAY aka ARRIBA, ARRIBA Y ADELANTE!

A real monster!

1) Acuario - Deja Que Entre El Rayo De Sol
2) Tu Me Fascinas
3) Soy Un Hombre
4) Cosas Amorosas
5) Provisorio Soul
6) La Feria De Scarborough
7) Ensueño
8) Arriba Arriba Y Adelante
9) Palmitos Con Salsa Golf
10) Camino De Moras
11) Buenas Noches Alejandro

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

88 Keys And A Girl

Reg Wilson - 88 Keys And A Girl United Artists UAS-6692 (1968)

Reg Wilson moves in many directions, but the music always comes out in good taste. I like his originals. Another big asset here, I feel , is the voice of Corinna Manetto, a girl who is obviously a good musician. In the past, I have frequently indulged a taste for wordless vocalizing when capable voices have been avaliable to me, & I really appreciate the way Manetto anticipates the flow of music. Background or foreground , under or over , Reg Wilson's music comes off. I like it...note by Duke Ellington.

Not enough Reg's for me in the lexicon of groove, save Tilsley & Guest! Here's a classy little rarity I'm sure will be appreciated.

1) Theme From The Thomas Crown Affair
2) 888
3) To Make It Right
4) Hushabye Mountain
5) Sylvia's Theme
6) At Home With Holmes
7) Knowing When To Leave
8) Tony's Theme
9) Sunny

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Greg Alper

Greg Alper Band - Fat Doggie Adelphi AD-5009 (1978)

A happy & healthy 2007 to you all. Have been a little quiet on the posting front but am remedying that with this prize peice of groovy jazziness.

This is a quirky but strong album full of surprises. Heaven knows why it isn't more sought after considering the pedigree of the musicians and the quality of the tunes.

A very mixed bag this - a couple of opening dancefloor stompers give way to a handful of blisteringly tight & catchy jazz nuggets that you'll find yourself playing over & over again whilst uttering "why have I never heard of this LP?" It's this second half of the album that does it for me.

Along with Alper on saxes & flute, credits go to Rich Oppenheim (as) Ray Anderson (tb,vo) Al Clark (perc,vo) Richie Morales (ds) Ernie Provencher (b) Al Scott (b) Chuck Loeb (g) Steve Gutman (tp) Debbie & Olive Pointer, Jean Shaw (bg-vo).

1) Hole In Your Pocket
2) Fat Doggie
3) Give It Up
4) Huevos Nuevos
5) Cantaña Baratta
6) Suite For Renee
7) Five Verses For
8) Don't Ever Let Me Catch You

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