Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Bobby Cole's Point Of View

Bobby Cole - A Point Of View Concentric S-1000 (1964)

This much sought after and timeless LP features 12 original compositions that show off the man's great songwriting, piano and vocal skills. He's ably accompanied here by Ralf Rost, Arnold Wise and Kathy Kelly in a totally swinging trio session, I'm sure you'll agree.

Side A
1) Status Quo
2) The Name of the Game Is Trouble
3) Lover Boy
4) You Can't Build A Life On A Look
5) But It's Spring
6) Heat

Side B
1) You Could Hear A Pin Drop
2) A Change of Scene
3) A Perfect Day
4) Elegy For Eve
5) No Difference At All
6) I'm Growing Old

During his career, among his many accomplishments, he was the musical director for Judy Garland at her final Palace performance, recorded for Columbia and for years was the house band at Sinatra's legendary "watering hole", "Jilly's". It was there that he started to develop his cult following.

Bobby Cole died a tragic death in a New York gutter outside of the club at which he was performing on December 19, 1997. He apparently fell, cracking his head on the curb, where he lay motionless for some time until someone finally called "911".

Files are encoded @ 192Kbps.


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